We are equipped with a stalwart team of handpicked talents, brilliant minds and innovative individuals, extremely experienced in what they do.

Our Services

Software development

Automate your business processes with our customized software development. SICITS helps every business with exquisite custom software development services to obtain real business value and scalable solutions.

Server Management

We are your server administrators and we’ve got the server management tools needed to solve your problems. If you need help, we’re right here for you with 24/7 server management and monitoring services.

Cyber security

The cybersecurity of your company - your livelihood - should be put in the hands of specialists - true CyberSecurists. Teams steeped in the expertise and experience of having been there and done that.

Artificial Intelligence

So many companies make casual promises about AI, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not. While competitors were perfecting their press releases, SICITS was first with client-to-cloud AIOps, first with an AI-driven Virtual Network Assistant, and first in industry recognition.


SICITS provide Robotics builds and delivers Robotic solutions for human-like automated functional testing of real physical devices. We make it possible to conduct rigorous testing beyond human capacity and capability. Such exhaustive and extensive testing ensures

Automation and quality Testing

Do you want to ensure that your new software version does not introduce bugs or break functionality?
SICITS automation testing can help you to ensure that your software meets all the requirements and performs as expected.