SICITS provide Robotics builds and delivers Robotic solutions for human-like automated functional testing of real physical devices. 

Why Robotics?


We make it possible to conduct rigorous testing beyond human capacity and capability. Such exhaustive and extensive testing ensures the supreme quality of our customer’s products and empowers them to retain their market leadership in this ever more competitive world.


Robotic Testing in the Automotive Industry

Automobiles in Modern Times are becoming as much computer, as they are vehicles. GPS Navigation Systems, touch screen and/or voice-activated audio and video systems, rear-view camera systems, lane change assist devices…these Infotainment Systems are quickly becoming standard issues for the new automotive industry. There is a fine line between enhancement of the driving experience and distraction. A simple “glitch” of one of these systems, could possibly lead to enough distraction in busy traffic, to cause accident, injury, or death.
Easily programmable, and having the ability to interface with existing software used for testing, it has the capability to provide remote, accurate testing, in a fraction of the required time. With the ability to touch, press, and swipe, it can easily master the demand of a multi-faceted control panel of any type, thus providing the repeated and accurate testing needed to ensure maximum safety and reliability of automobile Infotainment Systems.

Robotics Test Automation for Retail & Banking

Why we need Robot aided testing automation to validate POS & ATM's?
Testing & validation of point of sales (POS) is a complex & challenging task due to the wide varieties of dependancies in the system, especially using conventional methods. These are the major points making this almost impossible to completely automate using conventional testing tools,
What is Your Benefit?
Automation of testing process improves customer experience and time to market. By implementing robot aided testing, one can save approximately 70% of cycle time during regression testing. It allows detecting the defects going into production, improving test coverage, and reducing regression testing cost. The automation solution can execute 100 plus test cases in a day compared to the manual tester who can execute 30-40 regression test cases.




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